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27. Blacas Ewer



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Royal Pastimes

Royal Pastimes: This 13th C brass ewer gives insight to the aristocratic life in medieval Mosul. This vessel is one of only two that bear an inscription specifying it was made in Mosul. It attests to the high degree of craftsmanship the Mosul metal workers were world renown for. The ewer stands out for its lavish inlaid copper and silver decoration and variety of themes relating to the courtly cycle—including hunting, sports, military exercises, festivities with drinking, eating, music, dance, and literature. Noteworthy are the subtle details of gesture, expression, and posture. Four scenes are shown in the photographs: A veiled lute player, Huntsman with leopard on a horse, noble lady using a mirror and lady riding a camel with an attendant. The jug was made in 1232 and is 30cm tall.