Museum Object

Learn about the object descriptions



Room / Case / #

33 / 31/

The location details for the object are shown above in red. The Room numbers and Gallery names should match the British Museum maps and signage. Not every object has a case number or an item-within-case number.

This heading tells you the relevance of the object to our Silk Road story

Here there will be a description of the object and or a chapter in our Silk Road story. Note that: C is an abbreviation for century, CE for Common Era ( cf AD ) and BCE for Before CE ( cf BC ).

Some of the objects have more than one image. Navigation arrows on the image will appear if this is the case. Selecting an image will open a new window to the object’s details in the British Museum Collection. These details may include more or fewer images. You may practice clicking on the picture of the British Museum above to get to the British Museum web site. When you have finished at the British Museum website just close the British Museum website window to get back to your tour.

To move on to the next or previous object in the tour use the navigation buttons below the object description. If ready, follow the link below to object 1.